Lighter packaging for heavier impact – reducing carbon footprint and waste by using less materials

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and the urgent need to combat climate change, companies are reimagining their production processes and striving to reduce their environmental impact. Ursus Breweries, the largest beer producer in Romania has taken innovative steps to minimize their carbon footprint. One of their most significant achievements lies in the simple yet effective strategy of reducing the materials in their packaging.

Reducing the weight of packaging offers several substantial benefits. Notably, it contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions and less packaging waste. Lightweight materials, such as thinner plastic bottles or glass, require fewer resources in the manufacturing process. This reduction in raw material usage directly translates into less energy required during production, thereby lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to minimizing emissions from manufacturing, lighter packaging materials also have a substantial effect on transportation. Lighter packages are more fuel-efficient to transport, both from suppliers to beverage producers and from producers to consumers. This results in reduced fuel consumption and subsequently fewer emissions, making its contribution to the fight against climate change.

Moreover, the reduction in the weight of packaging materials plays a pivotal role in reducing waste (by using less material, beverage producers generate less waste).

Ursus Breweries has embraced this approach and successfully reduced the weight of their packaging materials. This reduction, particularly in the weight of glass bottles and the amount of plastic used in PETs and caps, has enabled the company to reduce its carbon footprint.

The company has managed to reduce the weight of their bottles by 8% compared to the previous glass weight. Firstly, this action reduces emissions from the energy-intensive process of melting glass in ovens, which typically reach temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius. Secondly, it lessens emissions during the transportation of these lighter bottles. Lighter packaging equates to fewer fuel emissions.

Ursus Breweries have also taken steps to reduce plastic usage such as reducing plastic in preforms, minimizing plastic in PET bottle caps, and lowering plastic content in stretch foils. By doing so, the company managed to reduce the amount of plastic by 24% compared to the reference year 2019.

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