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"We initiated the Climate Change Summit because we are eager to see Romania finding development solutions that take into account our impact on climate. Our fundamental role, as a bank, is to provide innovative financial solutions that ensure the transition to a green economy – fair to people, resources and the environment. But we believe that we can do more: we can build and grow a space of ideas and solutions able to help both the economy and the society into moving faster –together with our partners. Along with the business and academic environment, authorities, NGOs and social innovators, we will provide our expertise and that of Société Générale, which has been financing sustainability projects on all continents and in various industries for over 20 years, helping develop new business models.”

”We are proud, at Social Innovation Solutions, to initiate together with our partners from BRD a long-term project focusing on solutions for the future in Romania and CEE. Even if some climate changes are irreversible, we wish to contribute to the Climate Change Summit on building another irreversible change: a forward-thinking mentality and a community of leaders that build together sustainable solutions for the future. Digital and technological transformations, new circular and sustainable business models, a new generation of entrepreneurs that find a notion such as the social impact - the normal and large companies with green economy goals are only a few ideas that bring us hope.”

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