Event by:
Founding Partner:
Alexander Stevens
CEO, Greenomy
Astrid Leyssens
Founder, We Are Impact Collective
Aleksandra Palinska
Executive Director at Eurosif
Tom Meijeraan
Co-founder, Arctic Reflections
Thomas Kolster
Theresa Spandel
Senior Analyst, CLIMATE & COMPANY, expert in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosures
Pauline Grumel
Founder and Director, UNISOAP
Oliver Bolton
CEO at Earthly
Julia Okatz
Director across Systemiq’s Natural Resources and Urban Practice
Jørn Haanæs
Strategic Advisor, Human Rights Foundation, Entrepreneur and investor
Bas van Abel
Founder Fairphone, Ashoka Fellow, Co-founder De Clique, Social entrepreneur, Designer
Christoph Promberger
Executive Director,Carpathia Foundation
Barbara Promberger
Executive Director,Carpathia Foundation
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