Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies – new educational 6-week online program at Cambridge University

The reputed university launched a special program dedicated to sustainability, having as main pillars: – learning about the nuances of the interrelationship between the three dimensions of sustainability: society, environment and economy. – developing the vocabulary and vision to explain how to build a business culture of sustainability. – demonstrate the value of impactful investments. […]

University of Birmingham’s latest report

Keeping 1.5°C alive is the name of the latest report launched by the University of Birmingham which decided to take academic work into the real world to help policymakers and business leaders make informed decisions now for a better future tomorrow. According to scientists and the goals discussed during the Glasgow COP26 in 2021, keeping […]

Education: a powerful tool to address climate change

Two university students believed that the most powerful tool to adress climate change is education. In their second year of launching their initiative, they received funding from Schmidt Futures and 2 years, 1.300 volunteers and a network of partners, teachers and researchers later, they teach the world about climate change. Clean energy, Food and Farming, […]

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