Solutions to the environmental impact of the global floral industry

When you think about flowers, you most likely imagine a certain flower that evokes a childhood memory, perhaps a scent you are fond of, or maybe you think about special moments on which flowers are given as a gesture of appreciation. Occasions are many for flower-gifting, either cut flowers or potted plants, and all of […]

Zero Waste Solution

Every day, enormous amounts of food are wasted in modern commerce, even though it is      in perfect condition. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization[1], it is estimated that ⅓ of food globally goes to waste, producing not only economic losses along the entire value chain, in the context where 2.37 billion people globally do […]


Every year, millions of second-hand pieces of furniture in perfect condition go to waste. While each of us must acknowledge the impact of the choices we make on the planet, everyone needs to rethink and adjust their lifestyle and daily consumption behavior. Any action, however small, can make a big difference in the long run. […]

Romstal and the vision towards sustainable business

Human activities, mainly through greenhouse gas emissions, have unequivocally caused global warming. The global average surface temperature has increased by 1.1°C since 1850-1990. Although we live in an era marked by climate change and global warming, there are still some options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solutions to adapt to these sudden and/or irreversible […]

Romstal and the reduction of carbon emissions through heat pumps

In an era deeply affected by climate change issues, it is essential to increasingly turn to economical and environmentally friendly solutions that can help reduce our impact on the planet. In terms of the technologies we use, one viable solution is the use of heat pumps. This technology plays a significant role in reducing carbon […]

Ursus Breweries invested €2 million in a sustainable energy recovery installation

Ursus Breweries, Romania’s largest beer producer, is committed to run a business in harmony with nature, for generations to come, meaning that it constantly runs sustainability projects with six major objectives and directions of intervention: reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption, sustainable sourcing, using reusable and recyclable packaging, supporting inclusion and well-being, as well […]

Sustainability Heroes: Brewing a better future one beer at a time

Ursus Breweries, the largest beer producer in Romania, has a rich history of investing in sustainability. The company consistently allocates resources to enhance the efficiency of all its operational aspects, aligning them with its sustainability strategy, effectively embedding sustainability actions into its core business processes. All this is established in the “Legacy 2030” robust and […]

The coffee capsules without capsules and 100% biodegradable

This Migros brand reinvented coffee capsules which use aluminium and plastic waste as biodegradable coffee balls. CoffeeB’s small spheres are made of ground beans wrapped in a protective plant and mineral coating that keeps the coffee fresh and preserves its aroma for three months after a pack is opened. The balls are dropped into a […]

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