Algae to reduce agri CO2 emissions?

An algae-based powder combined with traditional cow feed can reduce cattle’s methane polluting emissions by up to 90%.
“The 1.5 billion cows on the planet produce 5% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, twice as much as all airplanes combined” says Fredrik Akerman, the CEO and co-founder.
It’s not cows’ fault they have a mechanism that drives methane emissions in the atmosphere, but Volta Greentech found a way to farm, produce and then feed cows a powder that blocks the enzime needed by a bacteria in the animals’ stomach to ferment methane. In the end, it also makes the cows healthier, happier, give more milk and reproduce more. The startup plans to offer the product for free to farmers and charge meat processors and milk producers, willing to invest in sustainable products. Win-win-win.

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