Find a water tap on Google Maps

Dopple joins with Google Maps to match public water resources with owners of reusable bottles, adding a layer of convenience that makes it easier for people to keep a sustainable behavior.

When it’s hot outside and reusable bottles are empty, people usually end up buying single use bottles to satisfy their thirst. Dopper mapped every public tap and fountain in the Netherlands and put it on Gooogle Maps. What people need to do is just search for “water tap” and they will find the closest source.

The initiative is the result of research commissioned by Dopper and performed by behavioral change agency Tabula Rasa, which found that Dopper’s customers were eager to make better use of their bottles but didn’t know where to find public taps. The removal of this tension point drove the startup towards Localyse, a location intelligence specialist which helped pinpointing the location of 1872 taps.

In 2023, Dopper plans to add locations for water taps in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

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