Kaufland supermarket sells reusable plastic cartons and unpackaged organic eggs to replace pulp paper

At most supermarkets, eggs are sold in cartons made of pulp paper, polystyrene foam or single-use plastic. Given the popularity of these food products, all those cartons add up to mountains of waste.

Kaufland in Germany is replacing single-use packaging for a reusable option. Customers can buy a plastic carton for EUR 1.99 and fill it with up to ten organic eggs. At checkout, they’re charged per egg. Kaufland is launching the reuse system in 280 of its 670 stores.

Eggs are a low-hanging fruit for food retailers that want to reduce packaging. Unlike other food, they’re by nature neatly and individually wrapped in shells that keep out dirt and moisture. All they need is something safe to gather and protect them on their way from farms to stores to kitchens.

Source: https://www.presseportal.de/pm/111476/5272831
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