The mobile solar pop-up charging EVs where they stop

Papilio3 is a small-scale flexible and innovative solar pop-up EV charging hub driving the shift from “stop to charge” to “charge where you stop”. Made from recycled shipping containers, Papilio3 can recharge up to 12 vehicles and can be deployed within 24 hours.
Each Papilio3 is powered by both 36 solar panels and local electricity supply, and includes battery storage with a capacity of up to 250kWh. The system doesn’t require a new grid connection, a common hussle whenever EV charge points are installed. Lighting and security are integrated, as is a back-office invoicing system.
Because the structures are temporary, property owners and managers won’t have to request planning permission, and they’re suitable for use at fleeting locations. The charging capacity can be added as needed without upfront investments, given the short or long-term rentals conditions. Papilio3 was developed by 3ti, which specializes in building and operating EV solar car parks.

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