Positive Impact Loans

Climate change, biodiversity loss and depletion of natural resources destabilize both the economy and the prospects of maintaining today’s standard of living, while many people continue to live below minimum societal standards. Thus, an active contribution of the financial sector to the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy is becoming increasingly essential. In this sense, BRD has concluded or completed a volume of transactions of over EUR 500 million, thus marking a series of new premieres on the local market, among which, the largest green credit or the first bond issue correlated with sustainability objectives on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, for which our bank was the sole coordinator.

BRD has launched a complete financing offer aimed for the consumer and real estate markets, while making active efforts to accelerate the digitization process that will reduce the physical footprint of the bank and its customers. The offer of loans and sustainable solutions provided by BRD is correlated with the 7 values ​​and principles that characterize the financial and non-financial involvement of the bank: prioritizing customers and partners, integrity, care, team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment.

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