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Human activities, mainly through greenhouse gas emissions, have unequivocally caused global warming. The global average surface temperature has increased by 1.1°C since 1850-1990.

Although we live in an era marked by climate change and global warming, there are still some options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solutions to adapt to these sudden and/or irreversible man-made changes. In order to deal with this, we need to act now, said scientists in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

So it is clear that devastating climate change is having an increasingly profound impact on our planet. All entities in society must make considerable efforts to adapt effectively to the inevitable climate change in the areas of activity associated with each actor.

In this context, awareness of these issues and active involvement become imperative in the work that Romstal undertakes. The company’s actions in recent years have been based on building a more efficient strategy to minimize environmental impact and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

In doing so, Romstal has sought to align itself with international initiatives and to respond to people’s need to understand the economic, social and environmental impact of the company.

On energy, Romstal has doubled its total installed PV capacity from 2 327 kW in 2021 to 5 293 kW in 2022. The targets are to increase PV energy production and reduce gas consumption by 95%. To increase local energy production, the company has installed photovoltaic systems on subsidiary buildings and thus become prosumers. There is also a steady improvement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the 2022 sustainability report through all measures taken, Romstal has decreased the intensity of greenhouse emissions from 21 to 16 kg/1 000 Euro sold.

Conventional fossil fuel heating systems in existing thermal power plants have been replaced with heat pumps in most locations and pellet plants for local fuel supply.

Regarding water resources, Romstal has a strict monitoring of the operation of plumbing installations in a digital form and thus minimizes water losses. With the help of the maintenance system it has managed to reduce water consumption by 12% compared to 2021.

In the area of waste, Romstal understands its responsibility and continues to increase the performance of waste collection, traceability and recycling, by implementing SIGAD ERP, a digital platform that increases data quality and by automizing, saves working hours for our coworkers. Separate waste collection, sending packaging for recycling and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill is a constant concern within the company.  Thus, the amount of household waste has decreased by 26% compared to 2021. In the spring of 2022 the company started the “Romstal Recycles” project for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The main objective of this project is to ensure that WEEE is taken from the national market and sent for recycling. Romstal has an Environmental Management System, certified according to ISO 14001:2015, a certification valid until 2025.

Looking at sustainable products, Romstal is focused on generating efficient alternatives that help conserve natural resources. The effort to protect the environment is a sustained effort at every stage of the products’ life cycles, up to their use and disposal by customers.  Romstal’s customers are also showing an increased interest in the eco product range, wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. The most popular eco product range is electric, where photovoltaic panels, car charging stations and LED lighting fixtures saw huge growth in 2022 compared to the previous year.

These actions by Romstal are just one example of initiatives that companies around the world are adopting with the aim of helping to reduce global warming. Romstal, therefore, acts in line with sustainability principles, providing partners and customers with resource-saving solutions and creating business models geared towards protecting the environment.

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