The first electric truck to deliver Lidl products to Romanian customers with 0 carbon emissions.

The first goods transport with an electric truck in Romania was inaugurated in Romania by Blue River and marks a first for the transport of goods for Lidl Romania.

The company will use a 100% electric truck, SCANIA brand, to ensure the transport of temperature-controlled goods for Lidl Romania. This partnership is part of the joint strategy of the three companies to contribute to a better, sustainable future.

The purchased model is Scania P25 B6x2*4 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and works with 9 electric batteries. It is a rigid truck, 6×2, bodied with a Lamberet refrigerated superstructure and completed with a Carrier refrigeration unit (bi-temp). The vehicle has a folding lift under the chassis, can reach a range of up to 250 km and has a charging time of approximately 2 hours at an electric charging station with a minimum capacity of 135 kW/hour.

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