Ursus Breweries invested €2 million in a sustainable energy recovery installation

Ursus Breweries, Romania’s largest beer producer, is committed to run a business in harmony with nature, for generations to come, meaning that it constantly runs sustainability projects with six major objectives and directions of intervention: reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption, sustainable sourcing, using reusable and recyclable packaging, supporting inclusion and well-being, as well as and promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

One of the most recent sustainability endeavors of Ursus Breweries is the €2 million investment made in an technical installation at its brewery in Buzău. This installation is meant to recover heat energy from the flue gases inside the thermal plant. As a result, it is estimated that natural gas consumption will decrease by approximately 18%, also leading to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.  

Ursus Breweries’ ambition is to become 100% carbon neutral within its breweries by 2030, with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral across its value chain by 2050.

The company also aims to use only recyclable packaging by 2030 and to continue to be among the best in the industry in terms of water consumption(at this point, it only uses 2,77l of water per liter or beer produced).

In 2022, Ursus Breweries achieved a 50% reduction in its carbon emissions compared to the reference year of 2019. To achieve this, the company made sustained efforts and investments such as: installed consumption reduction equipment (e.g. LED lighting), automated processes, replaced natural gas in certain processes with biogas produced in the wastewater treatment plants in its breweries, recovered heat energy from various processes using a new facility and replaced condensate recovery systems with improved performance options.

The achievements and progress of Ursus Breweries in the sphere of sustainable development have been published in the latest Sustainability Report, which can be accessed here.

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