Cities & villages – and the future of sustainable living

Take a look around. Imagine your dream city. Then ask yourself these questions: Is this the city you want to live in? Are there enough green spaces and bike lanes? Have you ever considered leaving urban life behind, moving to the countryside in search of a better and healthier way to live?  Downshifting is described […]

Making luxury sustainable

This year, at the 20th anniversary of TIFF (Transilvania Film Festival), one of the main film festivals in the CEE region, there was a whole section dedicated to food. It was called, quite intuitively, “Film Food”. Among other movies screened, there was one in particular worth watching, called Nordic by Nature, about KOKS, a Michelin […]

Finding persistent invisible systems

Written by Seth Godin Plastic was inevitable. It took hundreds of years to perfect, but we built a system based on profit, convenience, productivity and markets. Markets are extremely good at sniffing out problems that can be solved with transactions. If people care enough to buy something to fill a need, someone else is likely […]

What makes a city smart?

Although the definitions vary, the overarching mission of a smart city is to optimize urban functions and drive sustainable economic growth through a proper usage of smart technology and data analysis and with the intent to improve the quality-of-life for citizens. “There is no universally accepted definition of a smart city. It means different things […]

Effective caring about climate change

More often than not, when it comes to actually doing things about climate change, we tend to become reluctant because we perceive these actions to be interfering with our current earned comfortable life: using cars in our everyday life, having technical appliances around the house which we can use at discretion, working at our computers […]

Circular economy. A universe in a nutshell

A broad and general meaning of the word “circular” is “round” or “circle shaped”. In other words, limitless, endless, without an end. A circle starts nowhere and never comes to a finish line. Whatever a random starting point we might choose, if we follow the round shape, we circle back to it. “Economy” refers, also […]

What is your climate personality type?

Climate change is probably one of the topics that bring the best and the worst in people, given its high degree of polarization potential. It is a topic that deals with the here and now as much as it highlights how tomorrow will be determined by our engagements today. On one hand it starts the […]

The butterfly effect or why climate change has a global impact even if it is local

This year, the Sindh region of Pakistan, the world’s fourth largest cotton producer with a production of 2,308 tonnes, has experienced one of the most difficult droughts in decades. Although this seems relatively isolated, it has a major impact on the global textile industry as it accounts for 6% of global cotton production. Thus, we […]

2022: shadows of climate risks

The “Global Risks Report 2022” indicates climate change and the lack of a coordinated strategy to address this global challenge as one of the biggest risks, both for 2022 and the decades to come. Disorderly climate transitions can lead to major political and social crises that will further deepen existing geopolitical cleavages. Part of the […]

When and how does the sea level rise?

Baywatch actors, including David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, are running on a beach on the Pacific coast of California, at sea level, in 1989. In the new Baywatch production released in 2017, this time with actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) accompanied by other attractive actors, the sea level rose by 10 cm compared to the […]

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